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Self Sufficiency

Back in eighteen hundred and fish and chips I lived for nearly two years as self sufficiently as I could, not very successfully. I kept various animals including rabbits, pigs and foul, ducks, geese and chickens, grew my own vegetables and kept bees. That period of my life and my Father's inspiration from my infant school days have stood me in good stead for the rest of my life so far. Now at the end of the first decade of the third millennium I thought that I had better start to do something with it.

It is I believe the way forward, not to be totally self sufficient but to grow some of your own, eat what you grow and gift or swap the rest to those around you, family and friends. I heard on the radio recently that in April 2009 Britain ceased to be 'self-sufficient' in its own right, which means that we are now dependent on food from other countries to feed ourselves. I can only see that as a sad state of affairs. The energies of the land we live on, the food that we eat, and the skies and planets above us seek to keep us provided. They have done since the beginning of time. There are a lot more of us now and food has become very commercial and still the population continues to grow.

One of my Mentors, Way Wong, was extremely concerned about this twenty years ago. His concern was who would run the country in our life times. Would it be the army, would it be elected government, would it be the police? His conclusion which I laughed at at the time was the food companies, the international food companies. An army, police force, government can have all the weapons, laws and control orders they like but if you don't feed them for 24 hours, order starts to go out of the window.

It also seems that food is becoming more and more expensive, way beyond inflation and that is also a concern. I do not seek to frighten or threaten an outcome but I do encourage you to think about it. If you grow your own, produce your own meat, pick the harvest that the Earth provides throughout the year you cease to be controlled quite as much or suffer the shortages. This all sounds very heavy and that is not at all what I wished to convey. I wanted to, on this site, encourage you to enrich your life and just try a few seeds in a pot and see what comes up and how good it tastes. You don't have to be self-sufficient, but if you try it and take those first few steps you will want to keep on walking!

I am no expert, just trial and error and a little experience but I hope to keep at least a weekly blog of what you can do throughout the year. If you would like to contribute, feel free, I will credit you. If you can do something better or different or know someone who can, let me know!

It's cold today, rainy, it's late August and the garden is like a carousel. It does not matter when you start because you have to get on somewhere and the weeks and the months and the seasons just keep coming round. A year from now it will be exactly the same day but a further increased digit will show on the year sign and then....and can start again. Do not wait for late August...start when you want. Find the entry for the time of year you are at and climb aboard. The Spirit, Nature and the energies of the Earth are waiting to help you.

Maybe as Way Wong told me all those years ago 'Perhaps some of us stronger meek should begin to inherit the Earth!'

Gordon Thomas Drury. August 2010.