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One More (Last) Adventure!


It is the Autumn of 2010, another year has rolled around and it seems that another might follow. It's been a busy year, what with talks, writing, building the websites and then loading them, opening a radio station, not an easy task at the best of times especially to a technophobe like me, and at the same time trying to live the lifestyle that I write and talk about. The aspects are not condusive!

I had always thought that I might manage one more adventure before settling into the armchair for good but adventures are hard to come by and even more difficult to realise. Was it to be trekking across to visit one, or both of the Poles? Neither of which I have seen, too cold! Doing something amazing in Africa like finding the lost city of goodness knows where or discovering the diamond mine that has been waiting for me since early infancy? Maybe finding Bluebeard's treasure in the Caribbean? I have been there a number of times but obviously was not looking in the right places. I had played around with the idea of buying a motor home and touring Britain and then head for Europe and do the Capitals and other places of history. Those last two ideas have been ringing my bell for a few years now but, honestly, did not feel quite right. There was also the aspect that I was going to make a television programme and write a book(s) to go with it and so that took away the adventure bit because of all the people who would need to be there, TV crew etc. Bearing in mind the number of miles that I do anyway it would be just an extension of what I already do. I needed something else, different, challenging, interesting, possible and probable, I'm never going to the Moon, and feasible. It took me sometime. It's still in its infancy. I think I am going to have a go and this will be the record of the progress.

January 10th 2011.

So! As we enter the first full week of the New Year I feel that I should be making progress on this matter, well more than I have. The last month, although full of good intentions, and unusually not much pressure in other directions, I have not done anything.

When I came up with the idea of buying a boat, learning to skipper in it the deep ocean, spending a year in the Meditteranean, a further year around the Caribbean and then in the following year a possible around the world trip, pirates and sinking allowing, I thought it would remain a daydream. As with a lot of projects I have been interested in, I explored the possibilities, made a few notes, discussed it with a few people both professionally and socially, and then tentatively considered the way forward. I've sailed around the world before, well not actually sailed, cruised, in my days on the Canberra and QE2. I mentioned a few ideas over lunch to my agent, Tanya, who asked for an A4 synopsis, her usual way of dealing with and dimissing my flights of fancy and was surprised, very very surprised when she rang me to say she wanted to discuss it further and 'soon!'. be continued.



The Further Adventures Of Gordon Thomas Drury